Starlight Terrace

Some time ago, a group of men decided they wanted to see improvements at the lakeshore on Compass Lake. They noticed POA employees cleaning the underbrush from the shoreline and joined the work party; that was the catalyst. Since then the men came together and formed a not-for-profit organization.

The group chose to focus on the general clean up and improvement of the area by the lake. The gazebo was first on the list to be “improved.” They approached the Board with a proposition; “We’ll do the labor and raise half the money and the Board can put up the other half of the money to refurbish the gazebo and surrounding area so that it can be used for weddings, reunions, movie night and concerts.” The deal was agreed upon and the venue was named the “Starlight Terrace.” The flame was sparked by “Fabulous Frank’s Front Loaders” and “Elmer’s Outdoor Manicurists” and the embers were fanned by Don MacLaren, Steve Gray and Joe O’Brien. It soon became obvious that a Men’s Club was formed and an Outdoor Summer Series was born.

(Chair Seating & Large Grill Available For Rent) – $250.00 + Tax (Member) – $300.00 + Tax (Public)
$1.00 per chair rental – $25.00 per large gas grill rental)

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