Mail Error

We have been informed that some of the mail sent to addresses within the local area have been returned to the sender with a note “no receptacle present”.  This has happened to our business as well.  The local post office tells us that if you receive a returned mail item with this note, it can be resent.  The error did not originate in the Alford post office, but somewhere else in the delivery chain.  You may also call the office at any time for updates or more information.

Member letters and invoices

The annual membership letters and invoices for this year are scheduled to be in the mail by November 1st.  Contact the office if you have any questions.

{Note: the addresses used for the mailing come directly from the Jackson County tax database.  Members have notified us that there are some errors.  We can change our in-house addresses as needed, however, you should update your correct mailing address with Jackson County as well.}