Road Maintenance

The Jackson County contract with Missy-Mossy for the maintenance of the roads in Compass Lake in the Hills expired on December 23rd, 2020.  The Board of County Commissioners voted to NOT extend or continue the contract, but rather to use county resources for all road maintenance in Compass Lake in the Hills.  For all future road issues, please contact the Jackson County Road Dept at (850) 482-9629.

Visit the Jackson County website by clicking this link:  Jackson County Board of County Commissioners   The road department page can be found under the “Services” tab on the main page.

What is happening on Southern Blvd?     [March 2021]
The work is being done under a DOT contract.  According to our county commissioner, Eric Hill, the project is under a grant that was given to the county without a request being made, nor any input as to the road selected.  The road will be widened, new drainage culverts installed, and then overlaid with new asphalt.  All funds are being provided under the grant and will not come from MSTU reserves.  Additionally, approval has been obtained to overlay the short section of asphalt on Russell Ave and to repair and resurface the intersection of Russell and Vancouver.

Brush cutting and herbicide
Commissioner Eric Hill has stated that the brush encroaching on the road right of ways will be cut back and herbicide will be applied in some areas to retard return growth.  The herbicide will NOT be applied anywhere around right of ways at existing homes.


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