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April 2024 – The Jackson County Board of County Commissioners is reviewing the land use regulations for Compass Lake in the Hills subdivision with the intent to vote to either modify them or eliminate them completely.  The Commissioners are considering this based on a few property owners advocating for changes such as:

  • Allow mobile homes on ALL properties in the subdivision
  • Allow businesses to operate on any property in the subdivision
  • Allow more than one residence on a lot, less than or equal in size to the ‘primary residence’
  • Others

You may view the County Commission meetings on YouTube at ‘Jackson County Board of County Commissioners’ to see the discussions.  Sections of the March 26th, 2024 special and regular meetings are of interest.

Here are links related to the Jackson County Board of County Commissioners:

Jackson County Florida Board of County Commissioners Website

The Jackson County Commissioners and email links

Commissioners request for Attorney General opinion regarding Land Use Changes

YouTube – Jackson County Board of County Commissioners

Additional Information of interest:

Code of Ordinances – COMPASS LAKE IN THE HILLS

Chapter 48 – SPECIAL DISTRICTS – MSTU (no longer funded)

County-wide Ordinance regarding MANUFACTURED HOMES AND TRAILERS

This link takes you to the published meeting agendas for the Jackson County Board of County Commissioners.  The meeting agendas include ‘packets’ that are supporting information for the agenda item.  This is a good place to find the details of items placed on the agenda for consideration by the County Commissioners.  October of 2022, March of 2023, and March and April of 2024 are good meetings to review regarding the mobile home issue.          Link to JCBOCC Meeting Agendas and packets

This link opens the Jackson County Community Development site where you can find a link to download their guidebook.

Community Development – Jackson County, Florida (


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