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Information related to the MSTU or MSTBU or MSBU…..

When the subdivision known as Compass Lake in the Hills was created in the mid-80’s, the Jackson County Board of County Commissioners created a taxing method known as a Municipal Services Taxing Unit in order to provide funding for the facilities, road maintenance, and fire department.  The MSTU is still in existence today, although the county ceased the tax assessment in 2019.  Starting in fiscal year 2020/21, the county will assume all responsibility for road maintenance.  The volunteer fire department will be funded from remaining MSTU funds with a proposed budget of $57,000.  The remaining funds in the MSTU budget (apx $450,000) are identified to be held in reserves.  The facilities and amenities belong to the Compass Lake in the Hills Property Owners Association, Inc., a private, not-for-profit corporation and do not receive any funding or support from the MSTU.

Click the link below to read the Jackson County ordinance for the MSTU.

Chapter 86 – Special Districts

     For questions about the rules related to your lot, click the below link to the Jackson County ordinance governing land use within Compass Lake in the Hills.

Land use ordinance – Chp 74, Division 4

     Budget information related to the MSTU can be found in the proposed final budget for FY 2020/21 on pages 108 thru 111.  Click the link below to view the Jackson County Budget.

Proposed final budget – FY2020/21



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