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Burn Ban update 11-6-18

Debris removal

Update2 – the lodge office hours will remain 9 am to 1 pm each day until further notice.  We are not yet taking general reservations.  Temporary arrangements may be available for clean up crews.  Call the office during posted hours.  The RV park has been cleared but remains unsafe for the general public.  The cabin area has been cleared but is unsafe due to continuing work.  The cabins are damaged, have no power, and are under repair.  The main lodge building is ok and Ollie’s is now open.  The pool is CLOSED due to debris/damage.  The McCormick Lake area has been cleared but the lake house remains CLOSED due to safety and health concerns.  Use of the pavilion and beach area are at your own risk.  The water is very high due to a blockage downstream.  The blockage has been breached but it will take some time for the water to recede.  The regular office phone lines are now in use and the 0730 number has been discontinued.

Update1 – the lodge office will be open from 9 am to 1 pm each day.  We are NOT taking reservations.  If you have a future reservation, you will be contacted.  The RV park is blocked by a myriad of trees.  The cabins have roof damage and are also blocked by trees.  The main lodge building is ok.  The pool is CLOSED.  Ollie’s is CLOSED.  Tree removal is beginning but will take some time.  It is unknown when power will be restored, although there are crews working on the main lines along the adjacent roadways.  We have a basic land-line telephone at the lodge – (850) 579-0730 between 9 and 1 only.


In describing Compass Lake in the Hills, people say that it is pristine. They say that it’s beautiful. They call it a quiet retreat. In addition, some of the more poetic say that it is like a gentle whisper amidst the rolling hills of the Florida Panhandle. The Community is all of that, but much more. We are a 10,000-acre property located in the middle of Florida’s Panhandle. We are located almost equal distance from the beaches of Panama City and the rolling countryside of Dothan, Alabama. Our community is full of life, vitality, and good fun. We invite you to visit and experience Compass Lake in the Hills.

Visitors will see a natural landscape reminiscent of the Carolina foothills. You will see two of the prettiest lakes in the state, and at every turn, you feel the closing embrace of the forest. In order to experience our part of paradise, plan a “day-cation”, or stay awhile in one of our cabins. The cabins and a duplex rental are located on our main campus. The cabins are large, comfortable, and inexpensive. They are on a bluff overlooking Compass Lake. The duplex is located at the shore of the lake.

Once you have arrived and are comfortable, there is lot’s to do. lf you like a slower pace, just relax, read, nap, and snap some pictures. If you feel a little more adventurous there’s boating, fishing, canoeing, swimming, and of course, sunbathing. In addition, while lounging at the pool, you are only a few steps from Olle’s. Olle’s offers a great food experience. The owners of the restaurant are Olle and Riina Kuusik. He has a four-year culinary degree from his native Estonia. You will not be disappointed…the food is exceptional.

Later in the day, you may wish to leave the main campus and take in the sights. McCormick Lake is located a short drive or bicycle ride to the north. The lake is one hundred and fifty acres of unspoiled beauty. Located on the lake is a second Lodge. This facility is available for parties, crafts, weddings, and meetings. Adjacent to the McCormick Lodge is a wide and inviting beach area. The beach, dock, and picnic areas are reserved for the exclusive use of member’s and their guests. As you return to the main campus, drive slowly and enjoy the woods, the landscape, and the wildlife. (No, not that wildlife, that’s thirty miles south on Panama City Beach.) The deer and other wild animals are abundant, and they can be often seen along the roads or just behind some foliage. Have we said enough? Take us up on our invitation. Come visit and stay as long as you like …. maybe forever. Experience the “HOMECOMING.”

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