Video Webcast of the public meeting, Sept. 10, 2018

Even though the majority of property owners who spoke were against continuing the MSBU assessment, the County Commission voted to continue assessing the property at the rate of $50 per lot for the fiscal year 2018-19.  Below is a link to a you tube video of the meeting by Tim Trott.

Please excuse the shakes, this was hand held on a phone. We’ll do better next time.

Public Hearing

The Jackson County Board of County Commissioners will be holding a public hearing on September 10th, at 5pm, at the County Commission chambers to allow for public comment regarding the proposed MSBU assessment.  I have attached the legal notice from the county as it appeared in the Jackson County Floridan newspaper.   I have also attached the proposed budget for the MSBU that was handed out in the county commission meeting on August 21st. (The POA board of directors has contributed nothing toward preparing the attached budget nor will the POA receive any funding from the county.)

legal notice, public hearing, 9 10 18

proposed 2018-19 MSBU budget

I urge you to attend the meeting if possible in order to allow your thoughts to be heard.  If you cannot attend the meeting, the commissioners email contact information is listed below so that you may contact them directly.  You may also email the POA office and we will forward your response appropriately.

Kristie Cloud, County Office

Willie Spires, District 1   [email address not available]

Clint Pate, District 2

Chuck Lockey, District 3

Eric Hill, District 4

Jim Peacock, District 5


Duane Laster

President, POA BoD

Special Board Meeting

There will be a special board meeting, called by the board president, on Wednesday, August 8th, at 6pm at McCormick Lake house.


The county has asked our volunteer fire department to become a separate not-for-profit corporation and register for tax exempt status as a 501 c3.  This meeting is called to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the options listed in the attached document and to review other possible options.

Options proposed by VFD, July 2018

The county also asked the fire department to submit a potential budget for their 2018-19 operations.

proposed fire budget 2018-19